Payment Processing and Data Solutions

TesslaPay API & Plugin

TesslaPay is a smart crypto payment gateway providing merchants and their users with a secure transaction processor backed by Big Data and blockchain.

Tessla Dashboard

Tessla Dashboard is designed to provide merchants with business insights, transaction history, and other data related to its consumers’ usage of TesslaPay.

Tessla BD Network

Tessla Big Data (BD) network focuses on data analytics solutions. Through TesslaDB, transaction and fintech data are acquired, optimized, and analyzed.

Tessla Blockchain

Tessla uses the blockchain to secure all its services. All the data garnered in TesslaPay, TesslaBD network, and wallet is encrypted and decentralized.

Tessla Wallet

Tessla Wallet is an integral part of the Tessla smart payment gateway. It serves as a back-to-back wallet, integrating merchant and user-related features.

TSLA Token

TSLA tokens can be used for payments within TesslaPay, to purchase Big Data analytics and insights within TesslaDB’s, and as a means of exchange.

Why Choose TesslaPay?

TesslaPay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway functioning under the combination of blockchain and Big Data technologies. Without the need for any intermediaries and costly charges for transactions, through TesslaPay, seamless and secure payments between users and merchants (fintech companies) are made possible.

The Tessla blockchain, the main network of TesslaPay, and the Tessla BD Network, the big data warehouse, work side by side in delivering a smarter crypto payment mechanism. This is done by gathering, storing, and analyzing both transactional and fintech data to produce quality business insights.

The TesslaPay platform provides an easy, safe, fast, and insightful crypto payment journey for users all over the world. As TesslaPay integration across partners becomes a success, choosing TesslaPay to pay your online purchases and bills (via crypto or fiat) is the best option.


We aim to provide online consumers and fintech companies an efficient and innovative payment gateway solution that is compatible with both mobile and desktop versions.


We aim to deliver a decentralized payment gateway that leverages Big Data technology to further enhance data management, payment transactions, and research analytics.

Integrate the Next-Gen Payment Gateway Solution

TesslaPay's smart crypto payment processor serves users and fintech companies who are ready for a more swift and insightful payment industry. It provides a decentralized payment gateway to customers without any hefty fees and time-consuming installations. With the Tessla Wallet and TSLA tokens, you can pay online instantly.

As a blockchain-based payment gateway with an exclusive Big Data network, the chain data structure of TesslaPay is built and protected with cryptographic methods. There is no centralized control as the network functions in a distributed manner.

Merchants who will be part of the Tessla network will benefit by providing a reliable payment method for both fiat and crypto users. As they integrate TesslaPay via API or Plugin, accepting crypto as payment as well as converting fiat to crypto is made possible with less time and cheaper costs.

Partner companies using TesslaPay can keep track of all their customers' activities and transaction history via the easy-to-navigate Tessla Dashboard. More than that, business insights can be accessed here as a result of the TesslaBD Network's data analytics process.

Using TSLA tokens, users can utilize the decentralized payment gateway on partner applications and websites. No need to worry about any tedious installation process as any user can easily download the Tessla Wallet and create an account to start using TesslaPay.

Internet users, particularly crypto holders, can benefit from this platform. Using TesslaPay, security and slow processing concerns when paying online are addressed with blockchain. Moreover, user data are processed securely on TesslaDB to deliver helpful insights.

Market researchers can benefit from the TesslaBD Network data analytics derived from TesslaPay's generated data. Combining blockchain and Big Data, a bridge between crypto and data intelligence is established. Tessla aims to become a frontrunner of this unique payment innovation.

Analysts can register within the Tessla Dashboard to access and utilize the exclusive TesslaDB processed data. Basic business insights are for free while the premium version can be accessed by paying TSLA tokens. All data should be used without malicious intent.

Tap Into a Smart and Secure Online Payment Gateway

Optimize your business to the maximum by integrating a payment gateway that brings together the advantages of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and big data analytics.

  • App and Portal Compliant

    The Tessla payment gateway was specially designed for app and website integration through its API and Plugin.

  • Advanced

    TesslaPay uses the most advanced technologies to collect and analyze data in the smartest and most secure way.

  • Crypto-Friendly

    TesslaPay takes transactions into another level by offering crypto and fiat options with automatic conversion.


Take a look at Tessla’s path towards payment gateway revolution and big data innovation.


More to Come...

Download Whitepaper

This whitepaper gives a detailed explanation of the Tessla project. Read the document to acquire in-depth knowledge of the concepts, market opportunities, technology, token usage, and roadmap of this novel blockchain-based payment gateway with incorporated Big Data technology.


Have Any Questions?

The Tessla team prepared a complete FAQ to answer you!

  • What's the difference between Tessla and other payment gateways?

    Tessla, with its TesslaPay, aspired to be an unparalleled project in the fintech industry and, in particular, in the world of cryptocurrency. Our project offers a blockchain-powered crypto payment gateway that combines the advantages of an automatic conversion from crypto to fiat and vice versa while bringing advancements of Big Data analytics through the TesslaBD Network.

  • For what kind of businesses is TesslaPay available?

    TesslaPay is a modern and open payment gateway. It is available for any business from any industry. From fintech providers to retailers, any merchant who wants to provide crypto payments and leverage from data insights can use TesslaPay. Additionally, we developed TesslaPay as an API and a Plugin so it can be easily added to websites and apps.

  • For what can I use TSLA tokens?

    TSLA tokens can be used by merchants, users, and analysts. These can be used to purchase services on our platform, such as business insights, or to enjoy reduced fees when purchasing products on merchants that integrate TesslaPay. Finally, TSLA tokens can be used externally as a means of payment or trading.

  • Is Tessla implementing its own blockchain platform?

    At first, Tessla will be using the Ethereum blockchain platform, which means that TSLA tokens will be ERC20 compliant. TesslaPay and TesslaBD will use Ethereum to secure users' and businesses' data as this is one of the most recognized blockchain platforms in the industry. However, if the need arises, Tessla will implement its own blockchain platform.